Will Sex robots replace women in 10-15 years in revenge for the Me Too Movement?

There is a growing voice that Sex Robots are set to replace women in the dating scene in revenge for the Me Too Movement. The technology is growing rapidly, even without hardly any institutional funding. Once a major corporation or capital venture group gets involved, the sky is the limit.

A number of sexbot companies are working to build more technologically-advanced models, according to Daily Star. Sam White, a manager at the sex doll research and development firm Cloud Climax, told the tabloid that the firm works with multiple contractors that “are working on arm movements,” including AI-AItech.

Here is what is predicted will happen:

1) The dolls will have body heat, completely realistic skin and flexibility. Every body style imaginable will be offered (almost there).

2) The dolls will have A.I. personalities 2x to 3x as intelligent as the current “Alexa” and others on the market.

3) The dolls will not be able to walk, but they will have realistic resting movements, flicking of the hair, flirtatious behaviors, while sitting. Their arms and hands will have realistic movements.

4) They will talk, moan, make noises during sex.

5) They will have programmable personalities to your liking.

6) Parfum and realistic smells will be added, even to the vagina, to the liking of each client.

7) Countless other small details will increase realism.

8) They will become more accepted in the mainstream, and make appearances in film, TV and porn.

9) While it will take time to be accepted socially, eventually men will take pride in having the “best” doll among their social group.

10) The dolls will range in price between $2k and $10k. Top models up to $15k.

11) Rental services will cater to those who can’t afford them.

12) The dolls will become so wide spread, so popular, even the best looking men will consider having one.

13) The entire male / female dynamic will “flip” in the Western world, as dating site will have to pay men to join them.

14) Men will increasingly ignore real women — or Biocunts — for the preferred life with a sex doll/robot, due to the countless advantages.

15) Women, seeing this progress, will stage countless protests and lawsuits, but in the end, they will have no choice but to begin to treat men better.

16) And in 20 to 30 years, they WILL be able to walk and will appear virtually IDENTICAL to a Biocunt. Every man will have one on his arm.

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